John McCain’s Spokesperson Releases Statement About Trump’s Presence At His Funeral

John McCain never deserved the treatment that Donald Trump gave him.

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Justin Jouvenal, the justice reporter at the Washington Post, reports that he just got word from the late Senator John McCain’s spokesman that Trump will not be attending the funeral of his sometime rival.

Some may remember Trump having been told to “stay away,” but that was an informal suggestion that never came from the family of the Arizona legend. Add to that the fact that funerals don’t really have “invitations” per se — that is, you’re told about the time and date of a funeral and you attend if you are able — and this looks like one last dig at the man who stood up to Trump when it was most important, on the floor of the Senate.


There has been no official statement yet from Trump or the White House, and we’re not exactly sure whether or not to even expect one. The President just this morning was adamantly opposed to even discussing McCain’s death or giving any type of statement about the service.

This is breaking news, and we will update with new information if necessary, but for now it appears that for the first time ever a sitting President will ignore the funeral of a luminary member of Congress over political differences.

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