Melania Appears To Need Translation Headset To Understand Macron Even Though She’s Been Said To Speak French Fluently

Yeah, about those 'five languages' she speaks fluently...

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We’ve all seen the video of Melania Trump “speaking French” to some little kids in a school she visited, thereby “proving” she and her husband’s longstanding claim that she is fluent in the language — and they claim four other languages as well. But even that video left questions for many of us about whether Mrs. Trump could actually speak French, or simply knew enough to speak to little kids: All she said in that classroom, really, was “hello” and “my name is Melania” and a few other simple phrases that an 8th-grader could pick up with a perfect accent in half an hour.

Today, a viral clip on Twitter seems to be proving that not only does Melania not speak French, but that she forgot she told everyone she could.

During a joint press conference between French President Emmanuel Macron and her husband Donald Trump, Macron spoke French for any long-form answers that were necessary to questions from reporters — the G7 Summit is, after all, being held in France, and it is his prerogative to speak in the native tongue there.


Of course, French is no easier to learn than any other Latin-based language, and most of the attendees don’t speak it at all. That’s why they hand out those headsets like the one Trump threw down in disgust at the G20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The speakers in the headset deliver a real-time translation of what’s being said into the listener’s own language.

We’re not sure whether it was English or Slovenian being pumped into Melania Trump’s headset in this clip, but we do know that Melania needed a headset because she doesn’t speak French.

Let alone fluently.

Chalk this up to yet another lie that the Trumps told so casually they forgot all about it.

Featured image via screen capture

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