Meghan McCain Responds To Trump’s Attacks About Her Father On Sunday Morning, Makes Him Wish He’d Stayed Off Twitter

Trump is going to be whining about this for days.

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Donald Trump should have just slept in for St. Patrick’s Day. But of course, he just couldn’t resist the temptation to be a bright and early asshole this morning.

Senator John McCain hasn’t been gone a year yet, and Trump has already begun to drag his name and his memory through the mud. And this Sunday morning, John’s daughter, Meghan McCain has no time for Trump’s bullshit.

Trump sent out a heartless and unnecessary tweet this morning claiming it was just proven that the deceased senator was the one to send the “fake dossier” to the FBI and the media. According to Donald, McCain sent the dossier while working in collaboration with the Democrats, with the hopes of having it printed before the election. Making it look like Trump’s got some serious mental health issues that are causing some pretty significant paranoia. Because let’s face it, normal people just don’t spew bullshit like that.


Making matters even worse, Trump didn’t stop at those accusations. Instead, he chose to actually poke fun at the late senator — pointing out in his tweet that John McCain was the “last in his class.” He then proceeded to state that McCain and the Dems failed “as usual.” Then he went on to claim that even the “fake news” refused to print the dossier.

Trump didn’t get away with this attack quite so easily, though. McCain’s daughter, Meghyn, caught the tweet pretty quickly and she was quick to burn Trump’s ass swiftly and effectively. Replying to Donald’s early morning Twitter tantrum, she simply said, “My father lives rent-free in your head.”

It was a quick but deadly blow that’s sure to have Donnie whining to the Twitter-sphere for at least the next 48 hours.

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