Irish PM Trashed Trump’s Immigration Policy While Standing Next To Him, POTUS Had No Idea What Was Going On

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This St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we would provide a little throwback to one of the greatest moments of someone dragging Trump right in front of his face without the leprechaun-haired old fool even noticing it.

Two years ago today, Donald Trump was just barely getting settled in at the White House, and he was still sort of trying to act presidential by doing semi-normal stuff — like hosting world leaders that he hadn’t yet insulted. And who could have been more fitting on Saint Paddy’s 2017 than the then-PM of Ireland, Enda Kenny? I guess technically they don’t call the position that — he was the Taoiseach (TEE-shock) for the six years before handing the office over to Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s first openly gay leader.

When Trump hosted Kenny, he could never have guessed that the Irish leader would make him look like a total chump on the world stage, but that’s exactly what happened, with Kenny essentially tearing apart Trump’s entire immigration policy and stance right before him on stage.


At the time, Trump’s main focus was the ban on travel by Muslims into the United States from a select few (Muslim-majority) nations, but he had already dipped deep into the anti-immigrant well all throughout his campaign and even more so after the election.

That presented the Irish PM with the perfect opportunity to point out that the immigrants from his own country into America were once considered the outcasts of society — one need not Google for very long before finding plenty of evidence of anti-Irish sentiment here — but that they had eventually contributed to the fabric of the United States in a way that is both tangible and irreplaceable.

And Trump? He stood there with the blankest expression on his face, not even realizing that Kenny was trashing him to his face — and far more schooled in American history than Trump could ever hope to be.

Watch the clip here, and enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!

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