Listen To Awful Broadcast Being Played At Trump Rally Telling Supporters How To Silence Protesters

This is downright unsettling.

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Donald Trump does not take well to protesters of any kind. He likes to act as though he’s a huge champion of the First Amendment right to free speech, but if he had it his way you’d only be allowed to exercise that right by saying wonderful, nice things about him. Actually, if he had it his way, saying nice things about him would be a requirement at least three times a day and your ass would be parked in a jail cell if you chose to do otherwise.

Nevertheless, the man does try to stomp all over your free speech as much as he can possibly get away with. And that’s precisely what he’s done when it comes to his reelection campaign kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida this evening.

Donald knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there will be protestors. But he wants to silence them as much as humanly possible. And that’s why he has a super creepy message being broadcast to the gathering crowd at his rally.


As you arrived in the building, a sickeningly pleasant female voice boomed at you through the speakers:

“While we all have the right to free speech, this is a private event paid for and hosted by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., and you came to hear the president. To accommodate the right to free speech and peaceful assembly, while ensuring an orderly rally, we have provided a secure area outside the venue for all protesters, and we ask anyone wishing to demonstrate to please exit to that secure area.”

So, they want you to get the hell out, basically. But that voice didn’t stop there.

“Despite this accommodation, some individuals may still seek to disrupt our patriotic event, and President Trump needs your help in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere at all times,” it continued. “If a protest starts near you, please do not in any way touch or harm a protester. Please notify law enforcement officers of the location of the protester by holding a rally sign over your head and chanting, ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ Encourage others around you to do the same until officers can remove the protester from the rally.”

Should we just be grateful that Donald’s not encouraging his supporters to “knock the crap” out of protesters and he’ll foot the bill this time?

You can hear the broadcast here:

Featured image via screen capture

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