Lindsey Graham Just Responded To Trump’s Twitter Attack Over Iran

Someone get them some boxing gloves.

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Senator Lindsey Graham hasn’t been dubbed “Lindsey the Lapdog” for no reason. Over the past almost three years, the man has seriously bent over backward to lick the bottom of Donald Trump’s boots while asking “Please, sir. May I have another?”

And it’s strange behavior from any human individual, but even more so from Graham considering he quite literally detested the man up until the moment he and Melania set up shop in the White House — which many believe is a result of Donald having some pretty sketchy dirt that he’s holding over Lindsey’s head.

But it’s beginning to look like, whatever it is, it isn’t worth keeping a secret to the Senator anymore as he’s finally pulling his balls out of Trump’s pocketbook and speaking out against the atrocity of the man.


Lindsey took to his Twitter account earlier today, where he no doubt knew that Donald would soon see what he had to say, and chastised the president for his weak approach to the current ongoings between the US and Iran.

Of course, it didn’t take long at all for Donald to not only take notice but issue a rather angry response to the Senator that’s supposed to be on his side, ultimately admonishing Graham’s claim that his actions showed weakness and declared that his decision was instead a sign of his great strength.

And Lindsey was, quite frankly, having none of it.

“Sanctions so far haven’t worked and I doubt they ever will. So I think an appropriate military response is in order,” Graham told two supporters this afternoon. The “measured response to the drone attack, I appreciated that, I was hoping that would give everybody a chance to reset. So clearly the Iranians have taken that to be a sign of weakness.”

When questioned regarding Trump’s public reprimanding on Twitter, Graham responded, “All I can say is it’s not working. The Iranians are your target audience, not me. And the Iranians decision to attack the Saudi oil field is an act of war by any definition.”

Graham made it clear that the president knows very well where he stands on the issue with Iran and stated that putting retaliation off any longer would only result in increased attacks.

“They’re clearly not going to stop until they pay a heavier price,” Graham stated. “The Iranians’ decision to attack the Saudi oil field is an act of war by any definition. Pompeo said so. I’m glad he did.”

Trump ended up firing back at Graham once again, doubling down on his earlier Twitter response, telling reporters this afternoon, “It’s very easy to attack, but if you ask Lindsey, ask him how did going into the Middle East, how did that work out? And how did going into Iraq work out? So we have a disagreement on that. And you know there’s plenty of time to do some dastardly things.”

If you ask me, we should just toss them both out in the street, winner takes all, and see who comes out on top. Either way, we’d have less one corrupt Republican dickbag in the end.

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