Key Federal Witness Seen Boarding Air Force One, Possible Tampering Involved

There is absolutely no reasonable explanation for this.

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Hope Hicks, the former communications director for Donald Trump’s White House who resigned just one day after she was called to testify before the House Intelligence Committee, has just been spotted boarding the President’s plane on the way to a rally in Ohio tonight.

For the record, that isn’t a good thing to be seen doing. After all, Hicks is now a witness in the Russia probe, and her testimony before the House included a sworn statement that her job had required her, on a number of occasions, to lie for Donald Trump.

At this point, there is a zero percent chance that Trump himself is unaware that he should not even be speaking to Hicks if he bumped into her at a grocery store (where we all know he goes all the time, as evidenced by his knowledge of what’s required to shop in one), let alone privately on an airplane with no other witnesses around.


Given that Trump’s Twitter feed, when it’s not full of self-praise and terrible poll math — or sometimes misunderstandings of how his policies actually work — is essentially a non-stop, 24-hour rant against what he now calls the “Rigged Witch Hunt” by Robert Mueller and (I believe we’re up to) “17 Angry Democrats” in the Russia probe.

That’s the case that Hicks is a witness in.

This video footage should be preserved as evidence in the case, since what you are about to watch right now is likely proof of witness tampering by the President of the United States. That shouldn’t necessarily come as too much of a surprise, since Trump so openly obstructed justice on his Twitter feed just the other day.

But it very definitely is a federal crime.

There is literally nothing about this that looks like anything other than Trump attempting to get his and Hope Hicks’ stories straight for the Mueller investigation.


Yes, I added the scary music myself — the footage had no sound at all, as it was taken from a distance at an airport, and you don’t want to hear all that.

Featured image via screen capture

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