Kellyanne Conway Humiliated After Journalist Calls Her A Liar To Her Face, Crowd Erupts In Cheers

What a MOMENT.

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America can no longer keep up with the lies that are currently coming out of Donald Trump and his administration and honestly, we stopped counting a long time ago. Thanks to the nonstop misinformation coming from the president and his minions, the media has had no choice but to take a stand against our own government in an effort to protect the truth and America’s values. And now that Trump is going on a nonstop media blitz ahead of midterms, we only imagine that there’s going to be more fake news coming out of the White House.

But it’s always a precious moment when the president or one of his mouthpieces gets called out on national television for the lies they’ve told. One particularly sweet moment of justice happened last year, when Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway made an appearance at the Newseum in Washington D.C. and was called out on stage by journalist Michael Wolff.

During the interview, Wolff channeled the Washington Post‘s new slogan “Democracy dies in darkness” and confronted Conway about it, stating that it was a reference to her and the rest of the Trump administration. Wolff asked, “How personal do you take this?”


As usual, Conway played dumb and danced around it. She asked, “How personally do I take what?”

Wolff spelled it out for her:

This coverage of you, this ‘Democracy Dies In Darkness,’ because I’m gonna tell you, when they say ‘Democracy Dies In Darkness’ you’re the darkness.”

Not only was Conway humiliated that Wolff was calling her a liar in front of an audience, but she was even more mortified that the crowd erupted in cheers as Wolff said it. She tried to brush it off by saying “I’m not the darkness,” but the damage was already done. You can watch this beautiful moment below:

Let’s just say that we need way more moments like this, in which the Trump administration is actually being held accountable.

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