Trump Just Instructed His Staff To Do Something That Is Going To Kill The GOP In Midterm Elections

The GOP is NOT ready for this.

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If you think you’ve been seeing Donald Trump’s face way more than you normally do, rest assured that you’re not imagining things. There’s a reason why our attention-seeking, undeserving POTUS is showing up more and more, and depending on where you fall on the political spectrum, you might actually welcome it.

Republicans are likely freaking out over Trump’s increased media coverage, because we all know that the more face time Trump gets, the worse he makes the GOP look. But Trump doesn’t seem to think so – in fact, he actually thinks his media presence HELPS Republicans and that’s why he’s ordered his staff to ramp up his media appearances.

The Daily Beast has spoken to two sources familiar with what’s going on in Trump’s inner circle and they stated that in September, Trump told Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Bill Shine that he wanted to get his message out onto more mainstream channels in order to influence midterm elections. So, like good minions, Sanders and Shine set out to “flood the zone” with Trump (barf).


This might explain why Sanders insisted that daily press briefings were going to become a thing of the past, as she stated Americans would be hearing more directly from the president. At the end of last month, Sanders said:

I always think if you can hear directly from the president and the press has a chance to ask the President of the United States questions directly, that’s infinitely better than talking to me. We try to do that a lot and you’ve seen us do that a lot over the last three weeks, and that’s going to take the place of a press briefing when you can talk to the President of the United States.”

Trump’s media blitz definitely puts those comments into a greater context for Americans, and it should really strike fear into the hearts of every Republican. The party is already struggling, and Trump is going to make it way worse as he continues to avoid his presidential responsibilities and goes on the most unhinged media tour the world has ever seen.

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