Jared Kushner Humiliates Trump In Viral Footage, POTUS Has Never Looked Worse

The entire Trump family should be ashamed of Kushner after this.

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We all know just how much Donald Trump cares about appearances — especially when it’s being recorded. There have been multiple instances where Trump has thought about firing members of his staff due to his dislike of how they appeared on camera and how they reflected on his “image.” Trump has also regularly bragged about his “ratings,” proving that he’s just as much of a reality television star as he was before he (unfortunately) became POTUS.

But Trump won’t be too happy about the viral footage reporters got of one of his family members!

Jared Kushner, who is Trump’s son-in-law and serves as a senior White House advisor, is currently going viral due to a video of him desperately trying to avoid reporters and get into the Office of the United States Trade Representative. In the video, Kushner is ignoring reporters while trying his hardest not to have a meltdown as he discovers that the doors to the USTR are locked.


Kushner looks fine in the beginning of the video, as he shuns reporters on his way to NAFTA negotiations (which he is completely unqualified for). But when he realizes the doors are locked and he’s trapped outside with reporters, panic starts to set in.

Reporters begin shouting things at Kushner, such as “Do you have any idea who wrote the op-ed?” and “How is it going with Canada?” Desperate to escape this, Kushner frantically tries to jiggle the locked doorknob and ring the bell, giving a fake awkward smile to reporters as he tries to keep it together. Kushner even tries to phone someone inside to save him, but to no avail. This panic attack goes on for several painful minutes as cameras roll, before Kushner is finally let into the building. You can watch this cringeworthy footage below:

Seeing a senior White House official in such a compromising situation became internet gold in no time, and this video is still making its rounds. Someone even applied the VEEP final credits to the clip:

And there were many, many more hilarious reactions to the footage:

Trump is going to freak out when he sees how bad his son-in-law just made the Trump family look.

Featured image via screen capture

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