Hillary Just Found A Way To Kill Trump’s Chances For 2020, America Has Hope

America is going to be saved by the leader we should have had all along.

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Donald Trump may have his eyes on the 2020 election, but his nemesis from the last one is coming back to haunt him. No, 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is not running (even though many of us wish she would). But she is going to be doing something that will severely damage Trump’s chances of winning.

Clinton is following in the footsteps of former President Barack Obama by working to influence Americans from their television screens. As Obama and his wife Michelle have signed on with Netflix to produce a series of films and documentaries, Clinton is embarking on a new role as a television producer.

Earlier today, Clinton announced that she is currently working with director Steven Spielberg on a project that will bring a book about women’s voting rights to television. As women tend to vote significantly more than men do, this is terrible news for Trump! Clinton announced on Twitter:


I’m thrilled to be joining forces with Steven Spielberg to bring [the Elaine Weiss] book ‘The Woman’s Hour’ to TV. It’s about the women who fought for suffrage nearly 100 years ago. We stand on their shoulders, and I’m delighted to have a hand in helping to tell their stories.”

The LAST thing Trump needs is for Clinton to be encouraging and inspiring women to get even more involved in politics than they already are, especially after all of his misogynistic behavior and policies.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Clinton would be an executive producer of the show and will have a very hands-on approach to several areas of production in the show, including the casting. We can be sure that she’ll only choose the best.

Since her electoral college loss to Trump in 2016, Clinton has been busy fighting for women who want to rise in politics and raising awareness wherever she can. She has already written a memoir called “What Happened,” and launched a political action group called Onward Together. This new gig will just be another outlet for Clinton to influence young voters, and it will surely work against Trump in 2020.

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