Jared Kushner Facing Serious Prison Time After His Lawyer Throws Him Under The Bus

Jared's Kushner's lawyer abandons ship.

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Donald Trump’s “Golden Boy” is having himself a horrible week. With the recent revelations of Trump demanding security clearances for his family despite glaring reservations being expressed by the intelligence community, Kushner has been pinpointed as the catalyst behind these major concerns. More specifically, Jared Kushner’s defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, has decided not to defend Kushner in relation to his questionable security clearance. Mr. Lowell said the following after finding out about Trump’s shady, internal processes:

Mr. Lowell was not aware of nor told of any request for or action by the President to be involved in the security clearance process. Again, officials affirmed at the time that the regular process occurred without any pressure.”

It’s clear that Mr. Lowell is a reasonable, well-calculated attorney, and he sees the corrupt writings on the wall: Jared Kushner is in deep shit. Remember when Trump said that he was going to hire the “best people?” Well, that fathomless, idiotic pipe dream turned out to be a disaster as the administration has had what can be argued the most felony indictments in decades. Donald Trump’s snake oil salesman moral platitudes — like draining the swamp — are empty, as he did what can be more aptly described as putting a cork in the drain.

And Jared Kushner’s troubles are just beginning. Remember, Kushner was brought on as he cultivated a relatively close relationship with the Saudi crown prince with the intention of expanding Trump organization Business Operations and modernizing the ostensibly medievally ruled country. This potential “conflict of interest relationship” should have raised Trump’s eyebrows but he clearly ignored the moral reasons for not granting Jared a security clearance. To Trump, family takes precedence over prudent governance.


Jared Kushner might want to start lifting heavier weights as his future jailmate might want to put a couple of scratches on that smug face.

Featured image via Flickr/DoD

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