James Comey Just Tweeted A Photo On Election Day That Will Make Trump Lose It

This is absolutely incredible.

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If Donald Trump has ever had an actual nemesis, it wasn’t Hillary Clinton, and it wasn’t Robert Mueller — it was James Comey.

Comey was the first to fall to Trump’s famous “You’re Fired” tagline, and it was for a very important reason: That he was getting close to finding the truth about Trump’s campaign, his connections to Russia, and just how deep his hypocrisy runs. It was Comey’s efforts that drew Trump’s mandate into question, although many were furious with the former FBI Director when he seemingly reopened a dormant (due to lack of evidence) investigation of Hillary Clinton just days before the 2016 election.

But since then, everything negative that’s happened to the legitimacy of the Trump administration has been long of that firing — which Trump admitted on national television was due to the Russia investigation happening within the FBI at the time.


Now Comey has been crisscrossing the country for half the year, and he’s learned a lot about what’s happening that doesn’t get reported in the constant, breathless reports by the Times or the Post about Trump voters and why they still love him, or about mythical pockets of Antifa or Bernie Bros that are supposedly tearing apart the left. Certainly, those things exist, but they’re by far not the largest examples of America — just the loudest.

Now it’s coming to fruition, and Comey’s even a part of that — as we all are:

And Jim Comey isn’t just starting to knock on doors. He HAS been visiting voters, many of whom ask him if he thinks the country is going to “be okay.” He knows what they mean: They mean things are off the rails, and Americans are worried that we’re never going to reel things back in from the precipice that Donald Trump has driven us to in terms of being kind, normal humans to one another.

Tonight, James Comey isn’t worried. He can tell you so in his op-ed in the New York Times today, but you can feel it for yourself. When those people that aren’t on the far left and aren’t on the far right are moved to make their voices heard by the powers that be, the priorities of the country can shift drastically. After Charlottesville, after Kavanaugh, after unprecedented numbers of appointed officials being ousted from their offices over misbehavior and corruption — America has had enough.

Featured image via screen capture

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