Disturbing Footage Taken At Voting Booth Proves Republicans Are Rigging Midterms

This is unreal!

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Donald Trump and the Republican Party knew they were in deep trouble for the midterm elections and they pulled out all the stops. From ramping up the fear mongering and white supremacy so that they reached dangerous levels to actively doing whatever they could to suppress and prevent people from voting, it was clear that the GOP felt threatened and were VERY worried about Democratic turnout this election.

But they didn’t stop there. To cover all their bases, the Republican Party has even made sure to make voting for chosen candidates impossible for Democratic voters, as footage from a voting booth in Indiana shows very clearly:


In the short clip, a voter tries several times to select the Democratic candidate from among everyone in the race and remains unable to do so.

It’s pathetic that this country is currently being led (hopefully not for much longer) by a bunch of individuals who believe that violating people’s rights to vote in this way is acceptable. The horrific behavior of the Republican Party that we saw during this midterm election and its resulting campaigns exposed conservatives for the true lying cowards that they were. As we’ve seen with the president, these people have no respect for the rules that this country was built on and don’t give a damn about dismantling the U.S. Constitution.

Causing voting machines to have a glitch or rigging them so that Democratic votes are blocked is pretty much the only way the GOP had a chance — and they obviously knew it. All we can do is hope that there were enough unaffected votes to make up for this despicable act. And should the GOP get drowned out in this election, this proves that they wholeheartedly deserved it.

Featured image via screen capture

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566 points