Image Of Robert Mueller In Front Of The White House This Morning Has Gone Viral

Twitter can't get enough of Bob Mueller today!

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It’s safe to say that the entire country is waiting with bated breath for the results of the Mueller report. Considering it’s still up in the air whether we’ll even gain access to the findings, the American people are grasping at everything they can — which is why a photo of Mueller and his wife, Ann, passing by the White House on their way to church services this morning has gone viral.

A multitude of Twitter users are finding Special Counsel Mueller’s chosen path to worship especially rich this morning in the wake of the conclusion of his report on Friday. Many feel that Mueller was attempting to make a specific statement by strolling past the White House this morning with his wife — appearing that he is completely unfazed by the recent events and certainly not scared of the ire of Donald Trump. In fact, some are even referring to the otherwise typical outing as a “moment of profoundness.” To say the least, the Twitter-sphere is here for this:


The American public feels that we’re all making that stroll and sitting in that church with Mueller and his wife this morning in solidarity. Mueller has taken this long, hard road with complete professionalism and grace, and at no point has he backed down from the oppressive president. Mueller deserves this walk past the White House with his head held high.

Featured image via DC Tribune gallery 

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