Ilhan Omar Tweets Pictures Of Herself With Pelosi In Africa, References Trump

Donald Trump won't drag them down!

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Despite Donald Trump’s repeated attacks against Rep. Ilhan Omar (as well as 3 more of her fellow Congresswomen of color), Omar has continued to stand tall and proud, refusing to show even an ounce of weakness in the face of the president’s brazen cruelty as well as the plethora of racist outbursts by American citizens who now feel vindicated in their hate as a result of Trump’s behavior.

It seems that Donald’s behavior has had the exact opposite effect on the Minnesota representative — spurring her to fight even harder for what she believes in, instead of cowering in fear like Trump had surely hoped for.

In an effort to prove her strength to the president as well as the American public, Omar took to Twitter with a perfect swipe at Trump and his minions — complete with an appearance from none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


Omar posted two powerful images to her social media account featuring her and Madame Speaker, hand-in-hand, walking through the “Door of Return” in Ghana.

“They said ‘send her back’ but Speaker Pelosi didn’t just make arrangements to send me back, she went back with me,” she captioned the images. “So grateful for the honor to return to Mother Africa with The Black Caucus and commemorate The Year of Return!”

These images carry so much weight, not only because it shows beautiful solidarity between two strong, willful women, but because the set of towering wooden doors that the pair are walking through together is the very same gateway that millions of African slaves passed through 400 years ago to board the ships that would carry them to slavery in America and around the world.

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first slave ship to arrive in America, Omar took part in a congressional trip to Africa along with members of the Black Caucus — an event called the “Year of Return” by Ghana’s president, in which he called on African Americans to come to Africa and “unite with their brothers and sisters in the diaspora.”

This moment of unity between the two women and their proud swipe back at Donald Trump is just further proof that they will not be disheartened by the president’s cruelty — in fact, it will only fuel their flames for justice.

Featured image via Twitter

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