Horrifying New Evidence Reveals Sean Hannity Is The One Telling Trump What To Do

This should scare EVERYONE.

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Donald Trump and Fox News host have a well-documented, extremely creepy relationship. Not only has Trump been known to call Hannity frequently for late night conversations before bed, but he’s also been known to use Hannity as more of an advisor than the own “experts” he hired in his administration. Now, it’s clear that Trump is taking direct instructions from Hannity, so now there are two incompetent morons running the country instead of one.

Last week, Hannity published an op-ed that laid out how he though Trump should deal with negotiations with Congress regarding border security. This is what Hannity wrote:

Step one: The president signs the deal, and uses the $1.375 billion as a downpayment for the wall. Step two: President Trump has identified some $900 million for additional construction that is already available for the administration’s discretion. That would bring the pot to about $2.3 billion. Step three: This needs to happen simultaneously, and it has the president declaring a national emergency. This is the time.”

And what did Trump do yesterday? Followed Hannity’s instructions to the letter! Hannity’s influence over Trump has been reported on before, but this is an entirely new level that shows just how much control over Trump the Fox News host actually has. Trump is basically letting Hannity do his job!


Other examples of this include Hannity’s preference for newly confirmed Attorney General, William Barr and his desire for Barr to prosecute Trump’s enemies.

Now Sean Hannity wants new Attorney General William Barr to prioritize investigating Trump’s enemies”

Media Matters For America reported that Hannity stated this around the time that Barr was confirmed:

My sources telling me tonight things are happening as we speak.Over the next year with a brand new attorney general, William Barr, this country — we’ve got to decide. You want to save the United States? You want to be a constitutional republic? You want equal justice under the law? Do you want a dual justice system, or do you want America to be handed off to your kids and grandkids as a banana republic?”

This is just terrifying. We already know that Trump is bad enough on his own. With Hannity in his ear, he is even more of a threat.

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