Hillary Clinton Just Responded To Giuliani After He Attacked Her On Twitter

No one trolls quite like Hillary does.

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s formal impeachment inquiry and impending boot from his comfy spot inside the White House, members of his administration are going on the attack against anyone and everyone they think they could possibly deflect this scandal on.

And since their most favorite scapegoat, Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, wouldn’t dare be anywhere near this particular mess to lay the blame on him — and this whole debacle got its start over Joe Biden and his kids — it seems they’ve all now decided to take aim at Hillary Clinton once again.

It appears that Donald and his team have somehow forgotten that Hillary is no longer their opponent and other than her platform with the public and her personal ability to cast a vote come next November, she’s not actually a threat to him at all.


But that doesn’t stop that particular crew from the deflecting their little hearts out as they continue to shout from every rooftop about her damn emails.

The same kind of emails, might I remind you, that a total of eight different Trump officials have been busted with as well — including Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, daughter Ivanka Trump, and most recently his Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross.

But, of course, in their world, it’s only bad if it’s someone else doing it.

As a result of this clusterfuck that Trump has created for himself and his people, Donald’s personal attorney and fuckwit supreme Rudy Giuliani took to his Twitter account this afternoon to go on the defense against Donnie’s mistreatment and blast Clinton and her foundation.

“WP, NBC, and CNN are going after me because I’m the messenger, and covering up the message, Dem corruption. Meanwhile, they have yet to ask Biden difficult questions because he is protected and immune like the Clintons and crooked Clinton Foundation!” Rudy’s half-baked tweet read.

It didn’t take long for Hillary to catch wind of Rudy’s outburst and pen her own response to his feelings.

And let me just say, whether you liked her as a presidential candidate or not, nobody can troll quite like Hillary.

“Yes, I am famously under-scrutinized,” the former Democratic presidential candidate brilliantly responded on Twitter.

It looks like she has zero time for their bullshit. And I don’t know about you, but I am here for it.

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