Another Member Of Trump Administration Caught Using Private Email For Government Work

But sure, let's still be mad about Hillary's emails.

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Even in the wake of a formal impeachment inquiry, after being caught redhanded trying to extort another country for political gain not just once with Ukraine, not just twice with Russia, but now three whole times with the Prime Minister of Australia, Trump is still worried about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It doesn’t matter to him that he is quite literally about to be impeached. It doesn’t matter to him that he hasn’t faced Clinton as a political opponent in nearly three years, or that if he doesn’t mind his P’s and Q’s he’ll be lucky if he ever faces anyone ever again without it being through the haze of prison bars.

When Donald Trump gets butthurt about something, he stays butthurt.


So much so that evidently it doesn’t even matter if members of his own administration are doing the same damn thing.

As Donald continues to push forward with his State Department investigation into Clinton’s emails, the Washington Post has now reported that yet another member of Trump’s cabinet has been busted using a private email account to conduct government business.

According to the Post’s report, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is now the eighth individual within the Trump administration to be busted doing essentially the same thing that Donald’s so up in arms at Hillary Clinton over.

In their article, WaPo describes Ross as “old enough to get away with a nap during business hours and young enough to… observe naked people cocooned in plastic wrap at an art benefit in the Hamptons” and says that he’s best characterized as a “$600 slipper of a man.”

The report then goes on to reveal that Ross “has used private email to conduct government business,” per emails obtained by the nonprofit watchdog Democracy Forward through a request for records.

This officially puts Ross in the ranks of the likes of Steve Bannon, Ivanka Trump, Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, and two other White House officials who have all used private accounts for government business as well while still holding on to their undeserving job titles as they continue to try to burn Hillary at the stake.

But that is, after all, how things go in Trump world. It’s only okay if Trump as his people are doing it.

Something tells me that excuse won’t be working come his impeachment trial.

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