GOP In Midterm Panic Over Billionaire’s Plan To Spend $80 Million For Democratic Victory

They have every reason to be terrified.

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As if tomorrow’s midterm election didn’t look grim enough for the Republican Party, America’s GOP politicians must live with the horrific reminder that Donald Trump has ruined their party so badly that many powerful people are supporting Democrats solely because they want Trump and his conservative minions out of power.

One such person to stand up against Trump in the midterms is billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Thanks to Trump’s racism and mishandling of migrant families, Bloomberg launched a crusade against the GOP a few months ago, and it’s going to have devastating consequences for Republicans tomorrow.

Over the summer, Bloomberg announced that he would spend $80 million to help Democratic candidates in the midterm elections, making it his personal goal of taking Republicans out of power. Bloomberg said in a statement:


I’ve never thought that the public is well-served when one party is entirely out of power, and I think the past year and half has been evidence of that.”

Bloomberg also stated:

To be clear: I have plenty of disagreements with some Democrats, especially those who seek to make this election about impeachment. Nothing could be more irresponsible.

But I believe that ‘We the People’ cannot afford to elect another Congress that lacks the courage to reach across the aisle and the independence to assert its constitutional authority.”

Bloomberg also posted this to Twitter, along with a more lengthy statement:

Congress has failed, legislatively & constitutionally. We need new leadership that will re-assert Congress as a co-equal branch of government. In the midterm elections, I will be supporting Democrats & their bid to take over the House.”

While Trump and some Republicans may be in denial about what tomorrow might bring, this reminder will put things into perspective. They’ve pissed off enough prominent people to ensure that they get pummeled by Democrats, and they deserve it.

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