GOP Analyst Who Said Trump “Won Midterms” Backtracks, Now Predicts Doom And “Bad Omens” For Republicans In 2020

Well, THIS must be embarrassing!

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Donald Trump is causing Republicans to rethink their positions on a daily basis. While many conservatives were extremely confident in the future after Trump won the 2016 election, a good portion of them have now either abandoned the party or trashed the president. Even two years later, now that Trump has a proven and terrible track record, prominent GOPers are continuing to wake up and speak out against the president. Washington Post conservative columnist Ed Rogers just became one of them.

Right after the midterm elections, the GOP columnist had rejoiced and praised the president, declaring:

Democrats won the House, but Trump won the election.”

But things changed rapidly for Rogers, and now he’s predicting that the Republican Party is going to be in big trouble in 2020. He admitted he was wrong and said:


Some of what you write doesn’t age well. My post on election night said that Democrats won the House, but Trump won the election. I need to walk that back. As the days have gone by, the election results have gotten worse for Republicans, and the analysis of what went wrong includes many bad omens for the GOP in 2020.”

Most notable is the fact that he’s blaming this solely on Trump. Rogers stated that he’s been talking to GOP campaign staffers and analyzing the numbers — and things don’t look good. Rogers warned that GOP campaign experts are extremely worried. Rogers noted that one campaign operative told him:

Why did we have 43 retirements this year? Trump. Why did Democrats raise so much money? Trump. Why doesn’t anyone with a college degree want to vote for us? Trump.”

Rogers warned that Trump has become such a liability to the Republican Party that it could encourage many more conservatives to vote blue in 2020:

If the Democrats don’t act crazy for the next two years, many traditional Republican voters may feel more confident in supporting Democrats in 2020. [Trump’s] negatives and the energy that he provides to the Democrats could alter some of the laws of political physics.”

It’s really about time that Republican recognized this — Trump is going to cost them so much more than they ever imagined.

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