Fox News Host Stunned After Prosecutor Drops Explosive Details About Trump Org Including Bank Fraud And Conspiracy

Things could not look any worse for Trump and his team right now.

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With every emerging detail about Donald Trump’s corrupt business practices and dealings, things continue to look worse for the president.

Recently, former federal prosector Bob Bianchi went on Fox News to speak with Shep Smith about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump. Bianchi spoke about how Allen Weisselberg, the CFO of the Trump Organization, will be questioned by a federal grand jury and dropped several bombshell details about how screwed Trump and his little helpers are. In the interview, Bianchi said:

The two most important people in your organization are your attorney and your accountant. They know where the bodies are buried and the federal government is in on each of them.”

Smith asked, “Are we largely talking about campaign finance laws?”


Bianchi spoke about the charges Trump and his associates may find themselves facing in the near future — and it was a sobering moment for anyone who still has faith in the president. Bianchi said:

I think we’re talking about campaign finance law, wire fraud as well as bank fraud and obstruction charges.”

Smith also asked Bianchi about what this could mean for Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen:

He’s given every indication that he’s here to fight. But the release of this tape, did that make him as I have seen discussed so often a less perfect witness or even disqualify him as a witness or how do you see this revelation?”

Bianchi stated that because “the Trump administration has abandoned him,” Cohen was acting as filius nullius — a “child of no one.” He said:

It tells me two things. One, he’s not on Team U.S.A. and they’re not even in basic negotiations. He hasn’t spoken to the feds and the feds haven’t spoken to the attorney. They would never, never under any circumstances go out publicly, if they were cooperating or intending on cooperating.

I think he’s trying to get out there and at least publicly put a face on him that doesn’t make him look like a monster.”

You can watch the explosive interview below:

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