Fox News Admits Defeat, Infuriates Trump And Fans By Reporting Democrats Are Winning

Every conservative in America is absolutely devastated right now.

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Donald Trump loves attacking mainstream news networks whenever they report unflattering information about him, but what will he do when that network is his favorite, Fox News? Will the president condemn his favorite conservative network for making him look bad? We’re about to find out.

Fox News basically caused a meltdown from Trump and its GOP fans when it shared some honest poll numbers (for once). Earlier today, the pro-Trump network posted a graphic on Twitter that showed the results of a recent Fox News poll, which conflicted with the network’s own political ideology.

The poll showed the network’s followers that America’s public is favoring the Democratic Party more than the Republican Party — by a lot! Just see for yourself:


By now, we all know that the people who watch Fox (including the president) don’t like to believe facts — so of course, they refused to believe the results and began treating Fox like the “fake news” networks they regularly attack.

Some responded, “your polls are meaningless.” Another Trump supporter said, “Why would we listen to any Fox News poll? They have been wrong so many times!”

Some more brutal responses followed:

We all know that if this poll had been more favorable to Republicans, these very same people would be praising the network and rejoicing. But because they can’t handle the truth or the fact that their president has singlehandedly destroyed all hope for the Republican Party, they feel the need to lash out against the network. No word from Trump on this yet, but don’t be surprised if he starts calling Fox “fake news.”

This move by Fox was certainly unexpected, and signals that the network just might finally be coming around.

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6.5k shares, 546 points