City Of Philadelphia Sends Perfect Message To Trump Ahead Of His Visit; He’ll Never Forget This

Yet another visit to remind Trump how much America hates him.

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The protests against Donald Trump when he became President of the United States were unprecedented. We saw people all around the country (and even the world) unite and stand up against this incredible injustice, fearful of what would become of the United States under his unqualified, corrupt administration. While we definitely saw those protests coming, the fact that these protests have not let up nearly two years after Trump got into the White House is astounding.

We could argue that America actually hates the president even more now, because he gives us a new reason to despise and resent his presidency every day. Trump got a harsh reminder of this yesterday when he visited Philadelphia for the National Electrical Contractors Association at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Unfortunately for the unhinged POTUS, he didn’t get the warm welcome he had hoped.

Protesters flocked to Center City to mock the president and show him just how much his presence wasn’t welcomed. One hilarious character kept popping up, which sent Trump the message that Philadelphia is only big enough for one fat orange character — Gritty, the newest mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers. Take a look:


Trump didn’t stand a chance as protesters came near the convention center in droves, hoping the president would hear their chants of “f*ck Trump, f*ck Pence, f*ck your wall and f*ck your fence.” You can watch this amazing footage below:

Yes, Trump. Never forget that most of America hates you and always will.

Featured image via screen capture

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