Former Die Hard MAGA Supporter Tells NYT He’s Done With Trump: “I’d Vote For The Democratic Nominee No Matter Who It Is”

His MAGA ship is sinking.

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In spite of his impending impeachment now that House Democrats have opened a formal impeachment inquiry after the now-infamous Ukraine call, Donald Trump continues to tout the claim that he’s beloved and revered beyond measure and, according to the inside of his pea brain, he’s still got 2020 in the bag.

And while it’s certainly true that there’s a base of MAGA supporters who will die on this hill right alongside him simply because they don’t want to be forced to tuck their racism back in the closet — that group is quickly becoming smaller, much to the dimming of Donald’s realistic 2020 chances.

After finding himself caught up in scandal after scandal, it seems that some of the more logical Trump supporters are finally beginning to pull the wool off their eyes — and they’re done with him.


One former die-hard Trump backer has now revealed to the New York Times he intends to vote for literally any Democratic candidate before he has a hand in another four years of Donald Trump’s reign of terror.

“Things have changed in the last couple weeks: More stupidity has come out,” former Trump advocate Mark Graham of Erie, Pennsylvania told the Times in an interview. “I’d vote for the Democratic nominee no matter who it is at this point. If Mr. Trump gets into another four years, where he’s a lame duck, it’s going to be like adding gasoline to the fire.”

According to Graham, the allegations against POTUS that have led to his formal impeachment proceedings — in which he attempted to extort a foreign country for dirt on a political opponent — is what ultimately pushed him over to the blue side of the fence.

But evidently, Mark Graham isn’t the only Erie resident that has had their fill of Donnie’s bullshit.

Mark Miller, who also backed Trump in the 2016 election told the NYT that while he’s not ready to go to quite the extremes of his fellow Erie citizen, Graham, he has found himself extremely uncomfortable with Donald’s behavior as president.

” I don’t like the way he talks to people,” Miller explained to the Times. “I don’t like what he’s doing internally with the cabinet. I don’t think anybody feels comfortable that we have anything cohesive at the top right now.”

It seems that Donald’s Trump train is coming off the tracks.

You can read the full NYT interview here.

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