Ex-Trump Supporter Went Viral After He Denounced Trump And Apologizes To Obama

This devastated Trump and the Republican Party.

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Donald Trump is having a TERRIBLE presidency. Not only has he suffered failure after failure, but things have gone astray after the president made several promises that he just couldn’t keep. One big failure has to do with him bragging about how great American workers have it now that he’s president (obviously a lie), and one of his own high-profile supporters has called him out and praised the man he’s most jealous of — his predecessor, former president Barack Obama.

In a Labor Day tweet that went wildly viral, US Army Veteran and writer David Weissman denounced the man he voted for in the 2016 election, creating as much distance as possible from Trump and the rest of the president’s MAGA cult.

In a long Twitter thread to his 43,000+ followers, Weissman trashed Trump and apologized for criticizing Obama. Weissman said:


Mr @BarackObama , I apologize for all of the nasty things I have said to you or about you. Thinking you were here to divide and destroy America from the inside. I have learned so much in these past several months my world has flipped upside down. I was part of the group who thought you were Muslim, who thought you were born in another country. I was ignorant to truly do research about you that I did not make a proper informed decision. I trusted propaganda and thought you were the enemy of America. I thought you @BarackObama wanted to take all guns. I allowed anger and hatred towards you sir to cloud my judgement from reality and was noted in my columns that I have written in the past. I ignored your accomplishments. Your love for soldiers and said mean things. I know you were not perfect @BarackObama every president has made their mistakes. But @BarackObama you are not the person conservative media says you were. You cared about all Americans and tried to unite us. You tried getting people to see different points of view, you cared about safety and tried your best to fight gun violence. You did care for Military and Veteran and our economy which I have later found out. Again I am truly sorry for my hate towards you @BarackObama you are a decent human being and a good president.”

This is going to KILL Trump and the GOP. Not to mention, Weissman is literally retweeting Hillary Clinton and looking like he’s going to come over to the Democratic Party as he tweets #BlueWave.

Weissman has given Trump a heart attack before. The first time he went viral for being a Trump supporter who was coming to his senses, he apologized to Clinton for not trusting her on Russia. Here’s that tweet:

It was certainly a Labor Day that Trump will never forget.

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