Don Jr. Just Trashed American City During Interview: “Two Seconds Before You Get Shot”

Let's not go crazy with all this gun talk, giraffe-killer.

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There’s nothing that Donald Trump Junior likes more than trying to remain relevant on social media, and the one way he’s experienced any measure of success with that is by posting appeals to his father’s white supremacist, misogynist, uneducated base — attacks on popular members of Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, lies about policy, racist jokes about walls and zoos, and an essentially non-stop running commentary on what he thinks people should think of current events.

The problem for Don is, he doesn’t know when being Extremely Online™ ends and participating in real life begins. On Twitter, he can say essentially anything he wants, then simply ignore or block any responses he doesn’t want to engage with. In some regards, his father is far more fortunate — the media rarely holds him to account when he says outrageous shit in real life, even if he’s making up numbers or denying he said something we all watched him say live on camera.

Don Junior doesn’t have that luxury, but he still wants to drag the things he says on the internet into real life.


That’s why it was so ridiculous when he brought up Jussie Smollett during an interview on Fox and Friends on Monday — it’s an issue that’s clearly hurtful for a lot of people, but he’s brazenly been using it over and over in an attempt to deny the existence of any and all hate crimes. He thinks his sarcasm carries over from text on Twitter into actual words, but he just sounds like an idiot jerk:

Man, I’m really shocked that people in downtown Chicago, in the coldest night of the year, weren’t actually there wearing MAGA hats. You know, if you wear a MAGA hat in downtown Chicago, you probably wouldn’t last too long, OK, about two seconds before you get shot.”

This, of course, is not just an attack on Smollett’s story — which continues to unfold — but a “clever” (he thinks) reference to the common right-wing talking point that Chicago is some kind of crime-ridden terrorzone run by maniac leftists who want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens and give them to gang members on the streets of the Windy City.

Never mind that the fake crime stats constantly spouted about Chicago by the right are easily and regularly debunked with even a cursory search of publicly available information. Chicago doesn’t even rank in the top ten for highest crime rates in America despite being the third-largest city in America.

Stick to social media, Junior. You’ll still be a moron, but at least people won’t have to listen to your whiny, nasal, Donald 2.0 voice giving breath to your every idiotic thought.

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