Americans Outraged After Bitter Trump Refuses To Honor America’s Most Famous Veteran During Vietnam Trip

Trump has reached a whole new level of terrible.

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Donald Trump has done a lot to disrespect the late Senator John McCain, having attacked the war hero all throughout his battle with brain cancer and even after his death. Unfortunately, Trump has no plans to stop as he carries on a one-sided grudge.

Trump has left Washington DC, heading to Vietnam for his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. This is extremely ironic that Trump is taking this visit at this point in his life, after the president created fake health ailments and got five draft deferments so he wouldn’t have to serve in the Vietnam War. The crazy thing is, even after it was exposed that Trump had gotten a doctor’s note excusing him from the draft due to “bone spurs,” Trump still had the nerve to go after McCain, who was a prisoner of war while Trump was being a coward. The president has even said that avoiding STDs were “my Vietnam.”

Continuing to demonstrate how awful he is, it’s been reported that Trump has ZERO plans to visit McCain’s memorial in Vietnam, despite the fact that it’s literally walking distance from where Trump will be partaking in photo ops with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The lack of respect that Trump continuously displays is horrific — but what else can we expect from him?


To say that America is furious with the president is actually putting it lightly. Here are just some of the responses on Twitter:

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