Don Jr. In Hot Water As Investigators Obtain Evidence That Proves He Committed Perjury

They ALL thought they were untouchable.

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As it turns out, President Trump won’t be the only one suffering the fallout from today’s bombshell court testimony from his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Along with the guilty plea admitting to lying to federal investigators about Trump’s plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow — and continuing the project under his personal involvement while publicly denying that he had any financial dealings with Russia — filings disclosed today noted that Cohen CC’ed Trump’s two oldest children on emails regarding the project.

Considering the “keep it in the family” stance of the Trumps on nearly everything, that really isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately for his eldest son Don Jr, it means he committed perjury in front of Congress during his testimony back in May 2018. Junior told investigators that he was only “peripherally aware” of the real estate deal, and that most of his knowledge came only from hearing about the deal between Cohen, Putin emissaries, and mafia-connected developer Felix Sater in the weeks surrounding his testimony.


That was a lie, according to details of today’s court activity. From congressional transcripts:

In that exchange, not only did Junior perjure himself almost casually in a way he thought would never come back on him — after all, at the time, Cohen was still of a mind to fall on his sword for the Trump family, being fully secure that Trump would eventually pardon him — but also clearly indicated more than a passing acquaintance to Mr. Sater, who he repeatedly referred to simply as “Felix.” This, after his father insisted time and time again that he wouldn’t recognize Sater if he was in a room alone with him.

But go ahead and scroll back up to where I said that Cohen had CC’ed Trump’s children and you’ll wonder where Ivanka is in all this.

Although Ivanka didn’t commit perjury like her brother, she is in hot water herself over her email usage, despite her denials that she’s done anything wrong. Those emails were all exchanged inside the White House, which makes them not subject to requests from the Freedom of Information Act — unlike any of the emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton in the similar scandal that caused Donald Trump and his supporters to call endlessly for FBI charges against her.

What they are subject to, however, is subpoenas.

Now it’s looking like not only is Cohen going to bring Trump down, but Junior as well — and if America is lucky, cause the special counsel to subpoena Ivanka’s emails to see if there’s anything pertinent in them as well.

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