Conservative Missouri Newspaper Becomes Second Major Outlet To Call For Ousting Trump: “Time To Dump Him”

PAST time, actually.

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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is the newspaper of record for one of the largest, most conservative cities in the Midwest — and in fact, many of the residents there would actually consider it the South. Whichever region you consider it to be in, it’s the dirty secret of the Republicans who love to point at Chicago for murders — deep-red St. Louis, Missouri actually holds the distinction of being the capital of gun deaths in America.

But the people are tired of it. It WOULD be tiring, too. St. Louis is a major metro, right after Kansas City in terms of population, and thus likely to attract more liberal citizens. But being a liberal in a red state like Missouri is hard.

That’s why it’s got to be heartening to the residents of the “gateway to the west” to see their city’s largest newspaper endorse getting rid of Donald Trump. Being a lefty surrounded by people who love Trump can make you feel like you’re taking crazy pills.


But the editorial from the Post-Dispatch reads like a cool drink of water without any crazy pills to swallow with it. With the phrase “time to dump him” right in the headline, the Dispatch outlines exactly what the problem is:

Try as Republicans will to distract the American public and label the impeachment inquiry a witch hunt, there is no escaping the hard truth that President Donald Trump solicited help from a foreign leader for his 2020 campaign, an act that U.S. law specifically forbids. Republican leaders in Congress find themselves, once again, scrambling furiously to concoct a believable defense for a man whose conduct is indefensible.

Trump’s recklessness and divisiveness is exhausting the nation’s patience. How far will GOP leaders in Congress allow Trump to drag this country down before they stand in defense of the Constitution?”

That’s right: The inescapable truth for Republicans is that Donald Trump broke the damn law, and he did it overtly, and he admitted to it, and if they don’t remove him from office, they are choosing to allow a criminal to occupy the Oval Office.

Like we told you — more and more newspapers are coming, and this won’t even be the last one in a red state. Trump will get the reverse endorsement of every major newspaper in the US eventually.

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