Chelsea Clinton Just Responded To Trump’s Tweet Calling Whistleblower Complaint “Greatest Scam In The History Of American Politics”

This is outstanding.

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Trump’s daily social media tantrums are something America has, unfortunately, gotten used to at this point. In fact, I’m already a little wistful that soon I won’t be able to pen any more articles with headlines like “Trump Suffers Saturday Morning Meltdown On Twitter As Scandal Goes Deeper” or “Americans Question Trump’s Sanity As He Makes Up Yet Another Word We’re Somehow Still Not Convinced Is Spelled Correctly Even Though It’s Made Up.”

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while it lasts. And honestly, apart from Rudy Giuliani, it’s rare to find a tweeter who so readily serves up messages that are as easy to ridicule as Donald Trump’s.

Yesterday, for example, Trump was less than thrilled about the impeachment process as his acting Director of National Intelligence failed to adequately cover his ass during testimony before Congress, and he couldn’t help but spasmodically tweet out his frustration, in all caps, of course:


Now, we all knew what he meant. But it is SO much more fun to just poke fun at him, and maybe a little at his unhinged supporters that you find in every comment thread of one of his tweets, praising him like the head of a cult. And like any of his tweets, this one got plenty of replies.

But sometimes it takes a big name to do a real mic drop on Donald Trump — we’ll see one of the Dem candidates, or an actor or filmmaker, sometimes even an athlete say something that cuts to the quick. For this tweet, it had to be the former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Chelsea mostly stays above the fray unless she’s attacked on social media. This was too good to pass up, though:

Thanks for joining the fun, Chelsea!

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