Americans Convinced Video Of Trump Proves He Has Dementia, Want To Invoke 25th Amendment

This is terrifying.

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President Donald Trump’s declining health has been a searing concern in the minds of most Americans as well as a majority of government officials. It seems that every time you turn around, something new and even crazier than the last is coming out of his mouth. At first, people wrote it off as ignorance, stupidity, or even arrogance — thinking that maybe the situations were just slip-ups that Donald is too egotistical to own up to. It was even kind of funny, to begin with.

But as we all continue to sit here and watch the president’s mind turn into goo in front of our eyes, it’s getting a little less funny and a lot scarier.

Even trained professionals are becoming increasingly concerned over Trump’s rapidly declining health. Psychologist John Gartner is one of the many professionals that feel like Donald is undergoing serious cognitive decline and should be immediately tested for dementia — something he feels so serious about that he wrote an op-ed on the subject for USA Today


Gartner cuts to the chance, writing that he’s been concerned for Trump’s mental health for several months now, and the more he watches the president’s rapidly decaying speech patterns, the more that concern grows.

“In Alzheimer’s, as language skills deteriorate, we see two types of tell-tale speech disorders or paraphasias,” Gartner began. “Semantic paraphasia involves choosing the incorrect words … Phonemic paraphasia, which is linked to the moderate to severe stages of Alzheimer’s, is described as ‘the substitution of a word with a nonword that preserves at least half of the segments and/or number of syllables of the intended word’.”

The president’s recent confusion between the word “oranges” and “origins,” as well as his references to “midtowm” and “midturn” elections, serve as-as examples of his quick decline and indicators of dementia.

Gartner isn’t the only person that’s highly concerned, either. Claude Taylor, a former staffer of President Bill Clinton, took to Twitter to post a few videos that show Donald’s mental decline in action, and they are stark:

The people of Twitter were shocked and concerned:

It was comedic relief at first, but this is getting serious. Someone has to step in before Trump actually loses his mind and takes this whole country down with him when he goes.

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