William Barr’s Son-In-Law Was Coincidentally Hired By Trump To Work On “Legal Issues”

Attorney General Barr has been in Trump's pocket all along!

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To say that everyone was disappointed with Bill Barr’s summary of the Mueller report over the weekend would be an understatement. The entire country and both sides of the political field have been waiting impatiently for the conclusion of as well as the contents within the Mueller report. So, it was definitely a major letdown when Attorney General Barr released a half-assed and particularly biased summary.

But if you look at the relationship between the Barr and Trump families, it suddenly becomes crystal clear as to why the Attorney General isn’t chomping at the bit to expose Trump for what he truly is.

Earlier in the year, Bill Barr was thrust into the position of Attorney General by Trump himself, despite the fact that just three Democrats voted to advance his nomination. So, that fact alone leaves our nation’s Attorney General in a compromised position, indebted to the president from the very get-go. But, funnily enough, their ties don’t even end there.


Upon Bill assuming the role of AG, Barr’s son-in-law Tyler McGaughey, who was employed by the Justice Department at the time, left his role with the DOJ to avoid any conflict of interest. But instead of finding himself a new job far away from his father-in-law and his ties to POTUS, McGaughey instead tossed himself out of the frying pan and straight into the fire as an attorney at none other than the White House counsel’s office — where he “advises the president, the executive office, and White House staff on legal issues concerning the president and the presidency.”

Now, on paper, McGaughey’s division is separate from the division defending Trump against the Russian collusion and obstruction allegations. However, it was quickly confirmed that his work would “intersect with the investigation.”

To top things off, if that wasn’t enough to convince you that the Barrs have been in Trump’s pocket all along, let’s revisit what Attorney General Barr himself had to say about the Mueller probe when he took the job: Last June, Barr sent a random, 19-page memo to the DOJ calling the inquiry “fatally misconceived” and referring to Mueller’s investigation as “grossly irresponsible,” insisting that, “Mueller should not be permitted to demand that the President submit to interrogation about alleged obstruction.”

Furthermore, even the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, stated that Barr’s son-in-law’s beeline to the White House was “concerning,” saying, “That’s troubling because it raises further questions about Barr’s independence.”

In the end, Barr’s predisposed summary raises far more questions than it’s answered, still leaving the American people as well as members of Congress and the House wondering if we’re just getting the wool pulled over our eyes yet again.

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