White House Released Trump’s Schedule, POTUS Even Lazier Than We All Suspected

It's a wonder he ever moves!

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For someone who incessantly brags about being the best thing to ever happen to this country, Donald Trump sure does spend a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing. Instead of doing anything remotely presidential, the man just seems to spend a shitload of time on Twitter.

According to his official White House schedule, that’s precisely what happened today. It doesn’t take but a moment to skim over his activities for the day, considering all that’s on there is In-House Pool Call Time at 9 AM and lunch with the Vice President in the private dining room at 12:30 PM.

So, of course, Donald used up all that free time the best way he knows how — watching Fox News and tweeting.


Not that there isn’t plenty that he could be doing. Considering he read the National Climate Assessment and, oh yeah, this whole fucking country is a massive dumpster fire these days. It seems that he just chose not to do much, just like every other day of his laughable presidency.

Trump spent his morning tweeting word for word chryons from Fox News and trying to start a war with Iran after Fox News ran a segment on uranium stockpiles in the country.

It seems he took a break from his presidential Twitter duties this afternoon to have what we’re sure was a nice, fattening lunch devoid of any nutritional value or intelligent conversation with VP Mike Pence, before he headed back to whatever couch he was denting with his ass to resume his Fox News intake.

Of course, Donald’s laziness rarely even raises eyebrows anymore, considering the man had a room-sized golf simulator installed in the White House and has thus far spent 22% of his presidency and a staggering $100 million in taxpayer money at a golf course.

But nonetheless, we still can’t help but chuckle at the idea of the “best president ever” with a schedule more lax that a preschooler’s. If only to have been a fly on the wall at that lunch.

You can read his schedule here.

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