White House Panics, Places Emergency Call To Press After Media Demands Sarah Sanders Resign

They are so desperate!

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Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders got trashed on and off of social media after her lies about former FBI Director James Comey, which were outlined in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, went viral.

After realizing that Sanders had lied to them several times in press briefings, multiple members of the media called for her resignation. After seeing this, the Trump administration pretty much flipped out and went into panic mode. White House correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan, who had been one of the reporters to demand Sanders’ resignation, just revealed that the White House had actually called her in a pathetic attempt to do damage control.

During a segment, Ryan stated that the Trump administration was “very concerned” about the public’s reaction to discovering Sanders’ lies (and her confession of them). Ryan said:


I got a call today because you know as I said I called her a liar. And the White House tried to explain to me what it was. ”

So apparently, the White House tried to defend Sanders even though it was clearly a blatant lie. Ryan continued, pointing out the irony that this was coming from an administration that crucifies the free press for “fake news”:

A lie is a lie is a lie. She calls us fake news. She is a fake press secretary who is disseminating lies. She embellished at the very least.

She lied to the press who in turn delivered that information to the American public. It’s not about us. It’s about the American public. From that sacred podium to give this information that’s wrongful, to — people are not going to be able to trust her or even this administration, it’s even bigger than Sarah at this point. It’s now the president. It’s now his minions, can you trust? And the answer is no. ”

You can watch Ryan humiliate the White House below:

Sanders and the Trump administration deserves to feel whatever humiliation comes of Sanders’ lies.

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