Trump’s Terrible Day Gets Even Worse After Former WH Aide Releases Very Damaging Video

Imagine being this poor sap right now.

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As part of a series of articles in which we examine Trump’s more seriously odd behavior — usually following some of the worst revelations about him — that he’s displayed since becoming President, we decided to take another look at a traumatic “insider betrayal” from last August.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews brought former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman onto his talk show in the midst of the media firestorm surrounding the release of her tell-all book recounting her time in the West Wing.

Manigault Newman brought videotapes of her experience at the White House onto the show.


Trump had remarked on multiple occasions that his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, had not played a major role in his presidential campaign, instead wanting to bask in his win without sharing the glory. Manigault Newman released a video on Hardball. In the video, you see Cohen boarding Trump’s plane in September 2016.

A source close to the Trump Organization had recently come out saying that Cohen has no dirt on them. Even if Cohen says Trump told him to break the law, the source said, few would believe Cohen now, after admitting to lying. We now know how all of that’s turned out.

Manigault Newman released several recordings of conversations that she had between herself and several members of Trump’s aides, directors, and inner circle in an effort to steel herself against the counterattack by the White House, which is aimed to cast her as some sort of disgruntled “dog” incensed by her firing. Manigualt Newman was hesitant to tell the Wall Street Journal whether she had planned to release more tapes to support the claims made in her book, Unhinged.

I’m going to continue to blow the whistle about the things I saw,” she said, in hopes of saving “the essence of the presidency without the president doing way too much damage to it.”

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