Melania Used Her Official Twitter Account To Disrespect Women All Around The World

Michelle Obama would NEVER do this!

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One of the most disappointing things about Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency is how he and the GOP have doubled down on their disgusting treatment of women. And now that Trump has to answer to more women than ever now that Nancy Pelosi is our new Speaker of the House, we can only imagine that the Republican Party is going to be more aggressive in its smacking down of women. Not to mention, there are now several women running for president in 2020 — and that means Trump is going to have a field day.

Unfortunately, not even Republican women can be counted on to stand up for respectful treatment of their own sex. Melania Trump has demonstrated this horrific fact perfectly by remaining completely silent during her husband’s many attacks (and assaults) on women and has even congratulated an accused rapist in the past. Let’s not forget that she once celebrated Brett Kavanaugh after his ceremony to the Supreme Court, despite the highly credible testimony given by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Disrespecting women everywhere, Melania tweeted a congratulatory message:


Let’s just say that left a bad taste in EVERYONE’s mouth:

Melania has no business being in the White House, just like her husband.

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