Trump’s Love Affair With Fox News Is Over, Goes On The Attack And Calls Them “Fake News”

This is the Ice Bucket Challenge of wake-up calls for Trump.

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Trust me, that’s not a headline I ever thought I would see on this website, either. But it’s not hyperbole, and we’re not paraphrasing, and no, this is not the Upside-Down™.

Yesterday evening, it appears that the President was enjoying some of his near-constant intake of Fox News when he came across something so unsavory to him, so at odds with everything he thought he knew, that he was jolted back to his social media platform to warn his legions of unwary followers — something was off in Trumpland.


“Something weird going on at Fox.”

In fact, I think reading Trump’s tweet last night reminded me most of the last time I saw a Republican who was absolutely blindsided by the reality of news that can’t be spun: Bush-Krang Karl Rove, upon seeing Obama win his reelection in 2012, was absolutely floored by the possibility that the Fox News bubble in which everything he wanted to hear was played on repeat was isolated from reality.

That seems to be the dark hallway that Trump has now wandered down, his thoughts now awash in doubt — “But my people tell me I’m doing so good,” he must be thinking — about the chances of his reelection, let alone the imagined throngs of fawning sycophants demanding suspension of the Constitution so that he might serve as President-for-Life Generalissimo Trump.

Sure, the tweet is padded with the other abrupt vagaries of any given Trump missive: A nonsense comparison to Hillary Clinton, a wildly overstated estimate of the number of swing states there are in America, an easily-debunked lie about the amount of time he spent doing something totally unrelated to what he’s talking about, and of course the two fateful words — Fake News — levied like an accusation against one of the friendliest-to-Trump hosts in the history of the network, Bret Baier.

But it’s that one line — “Something weird going on at Fox.” — that betrays the President’s grief and confusion.

I almost feel bad for Donald Trump. It’s like The Truman Show, with a poor man’s Laura Linney telling him he’s doing great and no Paul Giamatti to dim the sun when he stares into an eclipse.


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