Trump’s Biker Friends Threatened “Arrogant Little Bitch Pelosi” If She Tries To Go For Impeachment

They might want to watch their street for some black SUVs full of guys with questions.

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The founder of one of the nation’s largest biker groups, Rolling Thunder, has publicly proclaimed his opposition to Nancy Pelosi and any action she might take against Trump in the area of impeachment. Artie Muller, the executive director of the group, said that thousands of bikers would descend on the nation’s capital if the House Speaker, who he called an “arrogant little bitch,” were to begin impeachment proceedings.

During a speech at the National Mall, Muller said Pelosi should lose her seat in Congress for pursuing investigations of the President rather than focusing on prisoners of war:

I would like to see Nancy Pelosi and her hypocrites work on the POW issue instead of bullshitting [and] aggravating the President of the United States, who’s doing a fantastic job.”

Later in the speech, Muller’s comments got considerably more personal about Pelosi, as he remarked on the infrastructure meeting that Trump pretended he was going to hold recently with Democratic leaders in Congress before bolting for an “impromptu” (but clearly pre-staged) speech from the Rose Garden:


He walks out of a meeting with Nancy Pelosi not because he’s had a hissy fit like she said. Because he’s tired of putting up with her bullshit. We should look at her and her family background. I have to look at it myself because somebody told me her family background. They’re all a bunch of damn thieves. Let’s investigate Nancy Pelosi and throw her the hell out of Congress.”

It would be surprising if Muller’s threats are not investigated by the FBI.

The Memorial Day gathering of the bikers this year was scheduled to be the last mass event, with plans to do separate, smaller gatherings in the coming years. Some estimates put the number of motorcycles that rode through DC over the holiday at a million.

Trump didn’t seem to get the memo about the group’s change in plans for future gatherings, tweeting that weekend in contradiction with the group’s plans:

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