Trump’s Behavior After Mueller Report Terrifies WH Staff, POTUS Is “Furious” With His Team

Trump is going crazy!

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Just from the nonsense that has been coming out of his Twitter account, it’s obvious that Donald Trump is terrified, nervous, and trying to deflect after the Mueller report came out on Thursday. A closer, inside look has just revealed that behind closed doors, the situation is even worse.

According to a new CNN report, the president is even more “furious” than we can possibly imagine. Despite the fact that he’s been celebrating “no collusion, no obstruction,” he’s secretly fuming about the way some of his staff handled themselves in interviews with Mueller’s office. The report states:

Now, those close to him say Trump is newly furious at the people — most of whom no longer work for him — whose extensive interviews with the special counsel’s office created the epic depiction of an unscrupulous and chaotic White House. And he’s seeking assurances from those who remain that his orders are being treated like those of a president, and not like suggestions from an intemperate but misguided supervisor.”

The CNN report states that many of Trump’s staff refused to follow his orders and were actually scared of the president’s reaction to what they said in interviews. This was also confirmed by the New York Times:


Now some of the witnesses named in the report, who have departed the White House but rely on access to Mr. Trump for their livelihoods, fear his ire. Some have begun calling current and former administration officials and others in the president’s orbit to seek clues about Mr. Trump’s state of mind, according to four special counsel witnesses who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

One called friends and colleagues in the days before the report was released to see whether he could have the Justice Department redact his name from Mr. Mueller’s report, according to two people told of the matter. The idea went nowhere.”

According to someone who’d spoken to Trump after the Mueller report, the president is “keeping track of who in his orbit had participated in the investigation.” This likely means Trump is preparing to go on another firing spree soon, so I guess we can expect an even more dysfunctional White House in the future!

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