Trump Was Just Asked About Don Jr Meeting On Camera, His Response Stuns Reporters

America is waiting for answers. The president has something different in mind.

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There’s been a lot of explosive news out lately about the President of the United States, between his hush money scandals and the latest developments in the Russian meddling investigation. The newest bombshell, which was exposed by his former lawyer Michael Cohen last night, threw Donald Trump Jr. under the bus for lying about his father not knowing about the 2016 meeting with Russian agents at Trump Tower. According to Cohen, Trump knew all about it — and now the president’s son is in big trouble.

America is desperate for answers as evidence piles up against the president. Unfortunately, Trump seems hellbent on avoiding it. Earlier today, Trump gave a speech where he was bragging about how much progress the economy has made. However, when it came time to talk about the recent developments in his investigations, the president had nothing to say.

Trump and his economic advisors abruptly ended their press event before Trump could be bombarded by the press. Trump actually did everything he could to avoid the subject as he quickly fled the scene — but that didn’t stop reporters from trying. In the footage below, you can hear NBC reporter Kristen Welker repeatedly asking the president, “Is Michael Cohen telling the truth?”


You can watch this truly pathetic footage below, in which Trump looks extremely guilty:

Trump disappearing into the White House without addressing the latest news isn’t a good look. Innocent people are usually more than eager to tell their side of the story and to assure everyone that nothing unethical has occurred. But with what’s happening now, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Earlier today, Trump denied everything on Twitter and instead tried to pin everything on Bill and Hillary Clinton, who he said forced Cohen to betray him. It came off like a pathetic lie — probably because it is.

Featured image via screen capture

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