Trump Threatens “Death – A Lot Of Death” If Congress Doesn’t Give Him What He Wants

I cannot believe he said this.

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Donald Trump’s government shutdown attempts to get his border wall funded are not working at all. Using similar “negotiating” tactics that he used to build his real estate and reality television career on, the president is now learning that Congress doesn’t quite work that way. As a result, the president has been storming out of meetings and throwing temper tantrums — even making some very serious claims and threats.

It’s no surprise that the president would try to lie and fear-monger his way into getting his border wall. However, the president’s lies only continue to get more irresponsible and outlandish. Recently, as the president stood with Border Patrol agents and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Trump actually said that there would be “death” if the Democrats didn’t cave in and give him his wall, also ending his failing government shutdown. Trump said in a video that was part of a photo-op released from the White House:

This is common sense, they need a barrier, they need a wall. If you don’t have it, it’s going to be nothing but hard work and grueling problems.”

Then, Trump sent a dire warning, hoping to scare all who would listen about what’s to come:

And by the way, and death. And death. A lot of death.”

We cannot stress how insane or irresponsible this is, but it shows that Trump’s lies and fear-mongering have no bounds. There is no “border crisis” as Trump would like to have everyone believe — Trump fabricated the entire thing. Most of the people crossing the border are families, women, and children who just want a better life. To have Trump be allowed to push facts aside and perpetuate these lies will be one of the Republican Party’s greatest failures when we look back on this cursed time in history.

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