Trump Receives Ultimate F*ck You From Fox News, Network Fawns Over Michelle Obama

This will KILL Trump!

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Donald Trump has been disappointed by Fox News a lot over the last several weeks. Not only has the network been taken by a fit of honesty when it comes to his disastrous presidency, but the president hasn’t been getting nearly half the praise he used to. What just happened after the Grammy Awards isn’t going to make things better!

Earlier today, the hosts of Fox & Friends — Trump’s favorite show — sent the president a major f*ck you by praising former First Lady Michelle Obama for her appearance during the Grammys last night. For a full minute and a half, the Fox News hosts lost their minds over Michelle, repeatedly pouring salt in the wound.

During the segment, co-host Steve Doocy noted, “Last night, they had the big Grammy awards, and there was a surprise toward the beginning of the show. Yes indeed, that is former First Lady Michelle Obama.” The network then played several clips of Michelle, and co-host Brian Kilmeade gushed:


Michelle Obama got huge applause, they had to stop the whole night, you know, for like 15-20 seconds you couldn’t even go through it, which is a tribute to her.”

And things would only go downhill for Trump as Kilmeade continued to speak of her success:

Her book is also number one, leaving a lot of people including the Drudge Report today, the lead story, is she getting set to run? Although she has been very emphatic, ‘I don’t even like politics, oh, my husband dragged me into this, I’m not running.’ But that is somebody that is, she is somebody still extremely popular.”

This is a huge change of heart for Fox News, as the network has a long history of disrespected Michelle and her husband former POTUS Barack Obama. This will devastate Trump beyond belief. You can watch the segment below:

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