Trump Pimps Himself Out, Uses El Paso Trip To Make Money Ahead Of 2020 Campaign

Trump has NO shame.

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It looks like Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is also not doing well, just judging from how desperate his fundraising efforts are getting.

Trump’s fundraising team has been known to pull some pretty pathetic moves, from trying to charge Trump supporters for ad space during his State of the Union address to selling super-expensive New Year’s Eve tickets to be in the president’s presence. Now, Trump and his team are trying to use his trip to El Paso, Texas to raise the money no one wants to give him.

Trump is going to El Paso for his “Make America Great Again” rally to rile up his racist supporters for his $5.7 billion wall. Trump has stated that if lawmakers refuse to give him the money again, he will respond by shutting down the government yet again. But that’s not all Trump is doing during this trip — he’s also using the trip to fundraise for his re-election campaign.


The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey reported that the Trump campaign is sending out insane invitations to people, trying to get them to pay $15,000 to pay for a selfie with Trump.

Along with this, the Trump team’s emails are also saying things like “I need you to help put pressure on the Democrats” in Congress “and become an Official Build the Wall Member.”

Please contribute at least $5 by 11:59 PM TONIGHT to become an Official Build The Wall Member and get on the list my team sends me tonight.

The time for action is NOW, we can’t sit back and continue to let the Democrats put the safety of American citizens at risk.”

Hilariously enough, it also says, “Go down in history as an Official Build The Wall Member, and be remembered for being one of the American Patriots that helped FINISH THE WALL” — even though the wall hasn’t even been started (or funded) yet.

The Trump campaign could not be any more desperate.

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