Trump Just Exposed How Lazy He Really Is On Video, Contradicts His Previous Comments About How Hard He Works

I can't believe my eyes.

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Remember when Donald Trump said he was the hardest working president in history? It wasn’t even that long ago. In February, the president tweeted about how he used his “Executive Time” for working instead of relaxing. Here are those laughable tweets:


It’s impossible to read those without being absolutely furious at the president, as he continues to prove himself to be the laziest person we have in government. But apparently, the president knows he is, and recently admitted it in front of a bunch of people. Yesterday while at Mar-a-Lago, the president was filmed hamming it up and bragging about how he was NOT working at all. You need to see this video to believe it:

I said you know what, I’ll sneak out, play a little golf, I’ll come home and relax,”

By now, most of us are literally counting the days until we have a real president. This is just insane.

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