Supreme Court Gives Trump Brutal Reality Check After He Says Border Wall’s “Constitutionality” Doesn’t Matter

Trump is an IDIOT!

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Donald Trump seems willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get his racist border wall constructed, even if it means steamrolling right over the U.S. Constitution!

Earlier today, Trump suggested that the Constitution was less important than the funding  for his border wall – which quickly cost him on social media as Twitter users responded with outrage.

In a tweet, the president urged GOP senators to vote against a resolution that would do away with his pathetic national emergency declaration to get his wall funded after Congress smacked it down. Trump wrote:


Republican Senators have a very easy vote this week,” Trump tweeted. “It is about Border Security and the Wall (stopping Crime, Drugs etc.), not Constitutionality and Precedent. It is an 80% positive issue. The Dems are 100% United, as usual, on a 20% issue, Open Borders and Crime. Get tough R’s!”

It didn’t take legal experts and others too long to put Trump back in his place and provide him with a brutal reality check:

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