Trump Gets Confused With All The White GOP Men Around Him, Calls Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “Steve” During Live Speech

This is too funny!

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Today at the White House as Donald Trump droned on and on about the border wall he still inexplicably thinks he’s going to get, he surrounded himself with all of his most subservient Republican members of Congress so that, like at yesterday’s “press briefing” where he was accompanied by Border Patrol and ICE agents, he would have someone else to do the talking for him about the wall. It’s really his only recourse at this point since all of his talking points about why the wall is even necessary are already known to be complete fabrications.

But we’re pretty sure Trump has been living in his own head for a little too long, because as he was doing what he does best — letting other people do his job for him — he couldn’t even manage to keep the name of a Congressman who’s been one of his biggest supporters for the last two years straight in his head.

As Kevin McCarthy, the former House Majority Leader who got demoted yesterday as Democrats took control, finished speaking, Trump meant to excuse him and introduce his next surrogate well-beggar. But in his confusion, Trump referred to McCarthy, who he’s been working closely with for two years, as “Steve.”


In all honesty, when I saw that video, I imagined Donald Trump addressing all of the Republicans in Congress, and how much easier for him it would be if they all simply wore name tags that said “Steve” on them. In fact, even though we know from the rest of the appearance he made today that he was introducing Congressman Steve Scalise next, it’s not a stretch to imagine Trump just going ahead and calling everyone “Steve” for the rest of the day.

Stranger things have happened.

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