As The GOP “Clutch Their Pearls” Over Rep Tlaib’s Use Of The Word Motherf*cker, Unearthed Video Shows Trump Doing The Same

Hypocrisy at its finest.

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“Fine for me, but not for thee.”

It’s the mantra of the Republican Party and has been for years. But ever since the inauguration of Donald Trump nearly two years ago, it seems like they must have cross-stitched it on every throw pillow they can find. If there’s literally anything they can criticize someone for, there is a 100 percent guarantee they’ve done it themselves, and probably recently.

The case of Republican poutrage today is over freshman Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s use of a particularly offensive word to refer to the President, which of course has half of Republicans up in arms and the other half resting on their fainting couches. Rep. Tlaib’s comment came just hours after Democrats were sworn in as the majority in the House of Representatives, and in the not-too-distant past, it might actually have been something to get upset over.


Then came the Access Hollywood tape, which featured a younger Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women at whim, using his “star power” to cop a feel on any woman he chose. That might have derailed any other candidate’s path to the presidency, but the crop of voters who elected Donald Trump decided “fine for me, but not for thee” in approximately the loudest and most ironic voice possible.

Evangelicals even supported Trump, forgiving his past disgusting transgressions in return for appointing anti-abortion judges to the Supreme Court and making sure that their megachurch pastors never had to pay too much tax on their private jets.

On Twitter, the outrage over Rep. Tlaib — a woman of color who has already addressed, and refused to apologize for, the remarks she made — is incessant. If you point out that the President himself talked that way and called it “locker room talk,” they come back with “it’s who she said it to.”

I suppose they think addressing foreign leaders with the term is more appropriate — or at least, they haven’t seemed to care much about the video of Trump using the exact same word, in the same context, and even pointing out why he used that specific word.

Never fear: We’ve got the video. And when we tweeted it this morning, we even helpfully included the hashtag that Trump inspired.

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