Trump Destroyed His Own Reasoning For The Wall, Americans Can’t Stop Laughing

Ladies and gentlemen, The Art Of The Squeal.

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Just like federal judges have used Donald Trump’s own tweets against him as evidence that he doesn’t actually believe some of the things he says — he just says them because they suit his purposes at the time — it’s time for Americans to judge Trump by the same standards.

And while it’s been proven over and over again that “there really is a tweet for everything” — meaning that Trump’s rhetoric of the past doesn’t match what he’s saying today by a long shot — this particular post could be the one that finally shoots a big gaping hole in his racist border wall idea.

After all, we know that somebody has to have told him by now that the wall he wants couldn’t possibly be built during his term, even if he served out the whole thing. They would have to seize land through eminent domain and then deal with the lawsuits, they’d have to fight for funding constantly since the House controls spending — unless he just wanted to rob emergency disaster funds blind and leave hurricane and wildfire victims destitute so he could pay for the wall… There are just too many factors for it to ever be a real possibility.


But the reasoning he’s given America for the wall is perhaps what’s the most offensive of all. Every time I get into it with a Trump fan on social media, I try to tell them that the crisis Trump is painting a picture of is fake — there is absolutely no national emergency requiring immediate construction of a wall. And you know what? Trump knows it too:

Yes, that tweet is still up. Not only does Trump know that there’s no emergency, he doesn’t care if you see his tweet — from less than a year ago — admitting that the situation at the border is the opposite of an emergency. What would he even say if someone brought it up? He couldn’t possibly admit that his own border security teams had allowed the country to go from a 45-year low in illegal border crossings all the way to a national emergency.

Because it hasn’t happened. Crossings are still extremely low, security is doing its job, and the only thing Trump wants to keep out with his racist, vain border wall is criticism for not having fulfilled his campaign promises.

Don’t forget “stable,” Ken. Stable genius.

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