Trump Breaks Tradition Again, Skipping National Ceremony To Honor Teachers Of America

This is truly sickening.

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Donald Trump doesn’t give a d*mn about the future of this country — that has been extremely apparent in the way he and his administration have operated during his presidency. He has done everything to ignore America’s ballooning debt, massive environmental concerns, and the fact that the country’s schools are in dire need of more funding and assistance.

Recently, Trump has doubled down on his disdain for proper education, proving that he truly does not care about America’s youth or the people who are responsible for shaping our youngest minds. The National Teacher of the Year ceremony is a big deal — it’s an annual awards ceremony celebrating educational excellence and honoring the best of the best in America’s schools. And guess who just decided to skip it?!

This award ceremony is taking place on Monday and has been held every year since 1952. The President of the United States is expected to be present — but Trump apparently feels he has better things to do (he will probably just be tweeting).


Nancy Rodriguez, a spokesperson for the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), reported that Trump won’t be attending despite the fact that the event would be held at the White House and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would be presenting the award. It should be noted that it is usually the President who hands out the award.

Paul Ferrari, the senior program director for National Teacher of the Year, tried to make it sound like a somewhat smaller “f*ck you” to teachers when he said:

Each year, CCSSO works with the White House to coordinate a recognition event. It is up to each administration to decide how to recognize the teachers, and it has varied throughout the 67-year history of the program in location and who has delivered the recognition to the National Teacher.”

Apparently, Trump doesn’t think that he personally needs to recognize the teachers who work their butts off, usually for very little pay. Educating America’s kids is no easy task — the least the president could do is show up!

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